Your child’s imagination comes to life!

Build magical storybooks with vibrant artwork & captivating narratives!

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Meet Kai & Liv

Your witty & imaginative guides are ready to help you create storybook adventures beyond your wildest dreams.

Arrow pointing to Kai, your koala narrator Arrow pointing to Liv, your hedgehog narrator

Your Child.
Their World.

Let your child take the reins as they incorporate their toys, family, and imagination into a personalized storybook experience.

Share moments of joy together

Dive into your child's creative realm with Matchbooks. Here, storytime is a collaborative adventure. Together, you'll shape tales that reveal their inner world—turning storytime into a journey of discovery and connection.

Parent narrator mode lets you read the stories to your child.

Nurture Future Storytellers

Fostering creativity and imagination, Matchbooks is nurturing a new generation of storytellers. Watch your child's confidence grow as they learn the art of storytelling, building a foundation for creative thinking and communication.

Accelerate your child's learning

Our voice narration allows children to enjoy a wide array of stories with word highlighting and follow-along to help early readers improve. Every story is an opportunity to learn new words, hear them pronounced, and understand their meaning.

All in a safe & trusted environment

Matchbooks is a fortress of safety, where stories are always age-appropriate and respectful. With multi-layered safety technology, we ensure that every story upholds our values of non-violence, respect for authority, and cultural sensitivity. Our commitment extends to every aspect of the app, from the initial voice input to the final interactive story page.