Our Commitment to Safe, Creative Play

At matchbooks, we understand that your child's safety is paramount. That's why we've incorporated cutting-edge AI safety technologies to create a secure and positive storytelling environment.

Commitment to Safety and Wellness

  • Top-Tier AI Safeguards: Harnessing advanced AI to create a safe storytelling space that promotes mental wellness and positivity.
  • Stories Grow with Your Child: Each narrative is tailored to be age-suitable, fostering cognitive and emotional development.

Speech Recognition

Safe, Secure, and Local

At Matchbooks, we're deeply committed to ensuring your child's privacy and safety while they explore the wonders of storytelling. Our app utilizes the built-in speech recognition technology of your device, offering a secure and private experience.

  • Local on Your Device: When your child speaks to Kai and Liv, their words never leave your device. The speech recognition runs locally, which means their voice is not transmitted or recorded.
  • See the Magic, Not the Mechanics: As your child talks, the speech recognition technology transcribes their words into text. This text is what appears on-screen is exactly what we send to our servers to keep the storytelling magic alive.
  • Privacy First, Always: We believe in creating a safe space for creativity without compromising privacy. Rest assured, with Matchbooks, your child's conversations are just that — their own.

With this approach, we ensure that your child's imaginative adventures remain a private affair, giving you peace of mind and them a secure space to dream big.

Guided Storytelling with Wisdom

  • Intuitive Narrators: Kai and Liv are your child's guides to a world of stories, ensuring plots stay light-hearted and age-appropriate.
  • Input Sanitization: Innovative technology that ensures story inputs remain wholesome, blocking any attempt to steer the narrative towards the dark or inappropriate.

Specific Safeguards

  • Zero Tolerance for Negativity: Our content is diligently crafted to exclude violence, crime glorification, drug abuse, sexual themes, and any form of racism.
  • A Culture of Respect: We uphold values of respect and kindness, with no space for bullying, abuse, or negative stereotypes.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Each story is an opportunity to celebrate diversity, ensuring a rich and inclusive experience for all.

Comprehensive Content Moderation

  • Rigorous Content Filters: Every layer of interaction is protected by robust safety filters, from initial voice commands to the final creative output.
  • Proactive Content Adjustment: Our AI is trained to redirect and reshape the story flow away from sensitive themes, maintaining a joyful and secure storytelling atmosphere.

Safety and trust are the cornerstones of our app. We are dedicated to fostering a secure space where your child's imagination can soar—worry-free. If you have any concerns or questions about our safety protocols, please feel free to reach out to our support team.